Happy Birthday Orchestrate!

Our friends at Orchestrate Orthodontic Technologies are celebrating their 5th birthday! Check out the message below from President and co-founder Dr. Todd Ehrler.

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Five years ago, the desire to be in complete control of my patients' treatment protocol launched what is now known as Orchestrate Orthodontic Technologies. We were the first company to adapt 3D digital technology specifically for orthodontists and created a platform that would allow you to scan, design, and print all in-house. Throughout the last five years, I have seen explosive growth in the industry, in our software, and in our company. My vision was to connect orthodontists to the most sophisticated 3D software, scanners, and printers available on the market today, train them how to use them, and then get out of the way. This vision is catching on.

If you have been watching what’s new with Orchestrate, but haven't yet tried it out, now is a great time! We invite you to test drive the software for just $1. With full access to Orchestrate Design Studio for 30 days you can see for yourself how this software will work for you.

To our loyal customers, thank you for choosing Orchestrate. We hope to provide a level of service that you will be proud to tell your friends about. From cutting edge innovations in our software, to improving our website, to streamlining our production process, we promise to continue to make Orchestrate better for you every single day so you can continue to deliver excellent results for your patients. You are at the very beginning of our journey, and we thank you for your support.

To our future customers, now is a great time to get on board! Five years from now you will want to be able say to your colleague, “I  discovered that years ago. It’s amazing!”



Dr. Todd Ehrler
Orchestrate Orthodontic Technologies

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