Building a Positive Workplace: Give Your Team a Workplace Assessment

dr-gorczyca--web.pngWe all want to work in an orthodontic office where our co-workers are cheerful, effective, and fun, and our patients are well-cared for, happy, and at ease. We want each person to inherently know and feel like they belong in your office. We want to work with people who are invested in the practice and stakeholders in the office success.

There are steps you can take to foster this work environment and achieve the most positive workplace possible. Begin by measuring the excellence of your workplace culture. From your findings, improve weak areas of satisfaction and fulfill workplace wants and needs for the benefit and satisfaction of each team member. This in turn will improve individual engagement, motivation, and happiness in your office. Give this test to your orthodontic team. The answers may surprise you.

Answer these questions.

On a scale of 1 to 5, 1-NO to 5-YES

  1. In the last seven days, I have received recognition.
  2. In the last six months, my progress has been discussed.
  3. This year, I learned and grew.
  4. I have the equipment I need to do my best work.
  5. My co-workers are committed to quality.
  6. I have the opportunity to do my best each day.
  7. The mission makes me feel important.
  8. My opinion counts.
  9. I know what is expected of me.
  10. Someone at work cares about me as a person.
  11. Someone at work encourages my development.
  12. I have a best friend at work.

Address and improve areas of weakness in your test results. By doing so, you will be giving time and attention to the psychological support, encouragement, and welfare of each team member. You will be building a more caring and fulfilling work environment. Your office will become a more positive workplace, your team will be happier, and their happiness will spread to your patients. Your positive workplace will become the ultimate competitive advantage why new patients love to do business with you.

61X3i36yL.jpgDr. Ann Marie Gorczyca is author of the book "Beyond the Morning Huddle: HR Management for a Successful Dental Practice", available for purchase here. Dr. Gorczyca is an Adjunct Professor of Orthodontics at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, University of the Pacific where she speaks on practice management topics. She is a member of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), a Diplomate of the ABO and a member of the Angle Society. Her orthodontic practice is located in Antioch, CA.

Make sure to catch her at the 2016 UGM in Las Vegas. Register here.

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