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chat-01.jpgBefore I started delivering blisteringly sharp one liners on social media and making the world bask in my online glow, I worked in software support. I sat along with the best of the best of the best making sure each and every one of our customers got the most elite service possible. Back then the only way for people to get in contact with us was through the telephone and email. Well things have changed, in a good way of course. You can still call us to get our first class service and support, but now you can also hit us up on chat support.

That's right with a valid support contract feel free to use your keyboard instead of your voice to access our Software Support Team. You'll be put in the same queue as the calls coming in. So say you're at the front desk and you know you'll have to take calls all afternoon after school, well now you can just click over to chat support and get in contact with a software specialist right from the convenience of your desk. And don't worry you're not getting an outsourced contract employee, you're getting the very same people you get when you call.

With chat support we're trying to open up as many communication channels as we can so you can get your questions answered and your problems solved in whatever method you'd like. So whether you like hearing the confident voice of a trained expert in Ortho2 software or would just rather type and read at your own pace Ortho2 has you covered.

Soon, you can access chat support through the Help menu in Edge. In ViewPoint version 11, which you will receive soon, it is the bottom right Help button in Daily Activities.

At this time, you can access chat support through our website. You will be able to choose to chat with someone from either the Network Engineering, New Customer Care, or Software Support Teams.

So the next time you want to give us a ring feel free to give us a call like you've done before or go ahead and drop us a line in chat. Either way we're there to offer you the same great expertise and service.

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