The Benefits of a Patient-Centric Culture

6__3020x220_levinrogerBy Roger P. Levin, DDS

The most powerful type of marketing your practice can use is word-of-mouth advertising –  patients and their parents saying good things to others about you, your team, your office, and the ortho treatment itself.

The question is, how can you increase the amount of word-of-mouth promotion your practice receives? One of the best approaches is to create a patient-centric culture at your practice.

Turning Parents and Patients into Strong Advocates

Ordinary people are unable to pass judgment about your ortho skills or compare you to other orthodontists in clinical terms. They may have an impression—perhaps even a strong impression—that you’re good at what you do, but patients and their parents will form opinions about their experience at your practice based largely on the quality of customer service you and your team provide.

Determining How Each Decision Will Impact Patients and Parents

A business group’s culture results from its shared values, atmosphere, work habits, and other characteristics that make it somehow distinctive. It is defined and exemplified every day by the leader. To facilitate superior customer service, you should institute a patient-centric culture in your practice. Implementation will happen naturally if you and your team members learn to make all decisions, large and small, by asking:

How will this affect our patients and their parents?

This technique will lead to improvements in all aspects of practice performance, including clinical matters, but its effect on customer service will drive ortho growth.

With a patient-centric culture, your practice will be giving patients and parents excellent talking points. Whether in general conversations or in situations where actual referrals are being sought and given, your patients and their parents will endorse your practice spontaneously and enthusiastically. The overall message will be that you provide great ortho treatment, but the specifics will be about customer service… “The doctor and everybody else are so nice… Their hours are really convenient, and we never have to wait… Treatment there is a lot more affordable than I expected… It’s a fun place to go… Dr. Jones actually called our daughter to see how she was feeling…”.

Best of all, when you have a patient-centric culture focused on providing the best possible experience for patients and their parents, it leads directly to achieving the best possible results for your practice, too.

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