2017 UGM Wrap Up


As I conclude my thirteenth year at the Ortho2 Users Group Meeting, I have to say that this year was amazing! So many great speakers, talented staff, and awesome attendees were brought together to share ideas and expertise on a variety of topics in the Ortho industry. There were so many great moments during our time in Orange County, but a few things definitely standout from this meeting.

  1. This meeting runs smoothly. I cannot express enough how many doctors, team members, consultants, and exhibitors made a point to mention this. A lot of work goes into preparing for the UGM, starting many months ago with a meeting brochure and registration process and ending with being at the meeting onsite with classes, materials, and meals. Many people on our staff are involved in the timely process, and we have this down to a science.
  1. This meeting is fun! And not just the legendary Thursday night welcome reception, but also each class, break, and lunch as well. I don’t think I’ve ever heard so much laughter or fun being had! This meeting is full of all sorts of fun and surprises…I mean where else can you morph from a pirate, to a basketball playing gorilla, to a bull, to a big baby/fish head, to Alf, to a guy in a bathrobe over the years? If you don’t believe me, just ask Ortho2 Senior Regional Manager, Jesse Howard!


  1. This meeting is informative. With 45 courses being offered on topics including your practice management software, marketing, hiring, communication, teamwork, and more – meeting attendees head home with ideas, inspiration, and practices to implement immediately.

Here’s what attendees had to say about the 2017 UGM:

“Best meeting I have attended. Great information. New speakers. Loved it!” – Diane Julius, Feldman Orthodontics, Cheshire, CT.

“This meeting exceeded our expectations! We’re so grateful we came and can’t wait to implement our action plan and train our team with all this new information.” - Cristina Alexandroni, Atlas Orthodontics, Murfreesboro, TN.

“Amazing and inspiring! I am taking home so much helpful information and I feel empowered!” - Katlyn Frazier, Green Orthodontics, Clarksville, TN

So I conclude with this: If you haven’t attended an Ortho2 Users Group Meeting, or haven’t attended one in awhile, you really should check out what you’re missing. We’re excited to announce that the 34th annual Ortho2 Users Group Meeting will be in Savannah, Georgia, February 22-24, 2018. We can’t wait to see you there!

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