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What Orthodontic Practice Management Software Should I Buy?

The New Psychology of Teambuilding

How the Section 179 Tax Deduction Can Help Your Orthodontic Practice

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Utilizing Edge Cloud for Your Tele-Health Needs

The New Face of Orthodontic Competition

Four Ways to Increase the Speed of Your Orthodontic Practice Recovery

The Formula for a Successful Orthodontic Practice

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Use It, or Lose It – Readying Your Equipment for the Post-COVID-19 Influx of Patients

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Three Things to Consider When You Sense Practice Performance is "Off"

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Referring Doctors Still Matter

Local Business Marketing - Are You In or Out?

The Future of Orthodontics

The Best Cloud Software Just Got Better - See for Yourself at AAO Booth 2225!

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How to Keep Orthodontic Practice Production Strong

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The ViewPoint to Edge Cloud Transition

The Hidden Patients in Your Practice

New Survey: Orthodontists Optimistic About Increasing Production

Influencing Consumer Trust and Behavior with Online Reviews

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The Associate Decision - 3 Questions to Ask

Beware the Threat of Complacency

Texting is the Answer!

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Ortho2 in San Diego

Meetings: Four Mistakes to Avoid

2017 UGM Wrap Up

CDC Summary Changes to Be Implemented

3 Great Techniques for Controlling Overhead

UGM Early Registration About to Expire

Ardent Fan or Shopper: The Wow Factor Difference!

Spreading Holiday Cheer!

Three Sources of Strength for the New Year

Scripting for Goals

Get Serious about Having Fun with Social Media

If At First You Don't Succeed, Follow Up

Parent Promotions - Remember this Valuable Resource!

The Dual Advantages of Outside Financing

Do Young Patients Think Your Practice is Awesome...or Lame?

Benefits of Edge

Review Time: Responding to Online Reviews for Your Practice

Increase Production with TC Training

Make Workflows Work for You (And How the Cutting Edge Webinar Series Can Help)

Top 3 Reasons to Visit Ortho2 in Orlando

Wait, Ortho2 has a Cloud?

The Principles of Infection Prevention

Locking Down the New Patient Phone Script in Nine Steps

Are You Planning for the Future?


Keeping Ortho Patients on Schedule

Pictures From Past UGM Parties Part 2

Pictures From Past UGM Parties Part 1

Building a Positive Workplace: Give Your Team a Workplace Assessment

Starting the New Year Right with Edge

UGM 2016 and How I Conquered My New Year's Resolutions Already

Chat Support - Another Way to Reach Us

Time to Get Serious about Observation

Cutting Edge Webinars: Knowledge at the Low, Low Price of Nothing

So, What is Your Excuse?

Patient Reward Strategies

Boundaries and Policies

Developing a Solid Marketing System

Driving Growth With an Observation Program

Google Maps 3-Pack aka Snack Pack Update

Etc. vs. ETC

Inspire Your Team to be Great

Windows 10 is Here

The Aftermath of Mobilegeddon: Revisiting Google’s Mobile Algorithm Update

Rock Your School Promotions!

Your Patient Appreciation Party

Zap It: Making a Simple Experience, Memorable

Success in Every Phase of Your Ortho Career

Reduce Stress with Better Systems

The Missing Piece…

Top 4 Reasons to Visit Ortho2 in San Francisco (and don't miss reason #2!)

Google Updating the Mobile Search Algorithm: What it Means to Orthodontic Practices

Misconceptions about Embezzlement

Rethinking Kids’ Club Promotions

Who’s Stage Managing Your Office?

Game Time

Three Tips for Developing Efficiency Within an Existing Schedule

Increasing Production in 2015

Are You Obsolete?

The Benefits of a Patient-Centric Culture

How to Reduce the Number of Patients in Extended Treatment

Online “Bot Fraud” in Orthodontic Marketing Ads

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Move to the Cloud

Custom Blogs Rev Up SEO

It Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely at the Top

Cloud Apps vs. Web Apps

Patient Rewards for Edge and ViewPoint

Increase Case Acceptance with Outside Financing

Honor Clinical Excellence

Morning Meetings, By the Numbers

We Will Take Great Care of You

Cloud Based Data Management and What It Means for You

My Very First Ortho2 AAO

AAO and Ortho2: Jazzing It Up at the AAO

Speaking Success: The Power of Words

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

The Role Scripting Can Play in Ortho Practice Growth

Have You Been Wearing Your Retainer? Your Orthodontist Cares.

Saddle Up for the UGM

Avoiding the Afterschool “Crunch”

How Much is Too Much?

Share More than Love this Thanksgiving

Ortho2 Backup Monitoring Service

Skeleton Staff

Windows XP Support Ending April 2014

Tap Deeper Into the Adult Orthodontic Market

It All Starts with Marketing

How Do You...

Tablets: Bringing Power and Portability to Your Fingertips

When the Cloud Seems Too Far Away

The Selling Power of Enthusiasm

Send Big Files Using E-mail [from the AAO Tech Talk blog]

Dating vs. Marriage

Unintended Benefits

Edge Mobile - Take Your Practice Management Software with You

Happy Birthday Orchestrate!

Online Forms: The Unsung Hero of Your Practice Management Software

Keep Marketing Communication Contagious

Five Ortho Production Drivers

Encouraging Greater Compliance

Time to Retire XP and Microsoft Office 2003

5 Web and Mobile Site Marketing Tips for Orthodontists

Adapt or Perish: Marketing Your Practice in the Digital Age

You Can Win Over Ortho "Shoppers"

Take Advantage of Year-End Prices

Eight Myths About the Cloud Debunked

The Doctor's Role in Practice Success - Part 2

Referral Marketing in the New Economy

The Doctor's Role in Practice Success - Part 1

Enhance Treatment and Control Costs with Orchestrate

Creating Highly Successful Orthodontic Treatment Coordinators

Advice on Confronts

How to Effectively Market your Charitable Work [Part 2]

How to Take the Gamble Out of Doing Philanthropic Work [Part 1]

Birth Dearth: A Warning and a Glimmer of Hope

Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

Solving The Problem Of Overdue Debonds

Twitter in Orthodontics: The Emperor is Naked!

Tips on What to do Before You Hire [Part2]

Tips on What to do Before You Hire [Part 1]

Understanding CDC Compliance in the Orthodontic Office

3 Super Bowl Marketing Tips for Good Website Design

Community Promotions Help Grow Your Practice

Making the Most of Your Observation Program

Creating a Growth Plan with a Dynamic Marketing Calendar

Balancing the Personal Touch with Technology: Part 2

Balancing the Personal Touch with Technology: Part 1

Take Back the Orthodontic Speciality: Game On!

Clinical Organization

Tis the Season

Keep It Interesting for You

Reduce Cross Contamination in the Orthdontic Office

Orthodontic Education: The Times They are a Changing

Stop Ortho Shoppers At Your Door!

Referrals from Schools - Ideas for Promoting Your Practice

Communicating to Better Relationships: Part 2

Communicating to Better Relationships: Part 1

A New Approach to Ortho Presentation

Running Your Clinic on Time


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Moving Your Office to the Cloud - Part 2

Moving Your Office to the Cloud - Part 1