Are You Obsolete?

by LeeAnn PenichePenicheLeeAnn2

What is your new patient tour about? What is your treatment coordinator sharing as she conducts the practice tour? Is she focusing on the beverage bar? The patient sign-in? The toothbrush area? The sterilization lab? The newest technology?

If your tour is about “stuff”, you become obsolete. When most families can get that “stuff” down the street, price can become what differentiates you, and the patient will go to the lowest bidder. To distinguish yourself, and create value for your practice, your new patient tour must be about you. This means the doctor and the team. This family will only get the amazing you at your office.

The treatment coordinator must truly focus on the people that make the practice. By telling team stories, you demonstrate that you are about people, not patients. As the treatment coordinator walks that new guest past reception, she should fondly highlight the amazing scheduling coordinators while she casually points out the patient sign-in. As the treatment coordinator cruises the clinic, she needs to tell the family, “This is where the magic happens.” The treatment coordinator needs to know her team and must point out the various members with personal affection. “This is Mary! She has been with Dr. Grin for 10 years.” Share something short and sweet about Mary so that she truly comes alive. “Mary just returned from her honeymoon!”

Of course, the treatment coordinator may share your amazing technology, but what really matters is the people: the team and the culture. As the tour continues, the assistants need to acknowledge that new patient with a friendly wave or, if passing by, stop, shake hands and welcome the family to our practice. When the doctor is in view, let the family know, “That is Dr. Grin!” “He/She will join us a in a few minutes.” “I know you are going to love him/her!” Again, share a fun story, mention a recent course, training, or award.

What differentiates your practice is you. The patient will not get you anywhere else. You cannot become obsolete.

Founder and president of Peniche & Associates, LeeAnn Peniche has earned a reputation as one the country’s premier orthodontic consultants specializing in case acceptance, scripting, marketing, and practice systemization.

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