Are You Planning for the Future?

cloud_iStock_000012349037XLarge.jpgWe’ve heard all through our lives we need to plan for the future – whether that is setting aside money in a 401(k), having a succession plan in place, or even something as simple as keeping backups of your data in case something goes terribly wrong. The more we plan for the future, the easier it is when that time comes. And your practice management software shouldn’t be something you neglect to plan for.

For ViewPoint users, the future is happening right now. Have you thought about how to transition to Edge? With the developments in technology, now is the time to consider Edge. Using the power of the Edge Cloud, your practice’s information and patients’ images are available from anywhere on any platform. And since your data is already stored in the cloud, it’s easy to customize apps specifically for your office – something that can’t happen when you still have a server around.

The features in Edge are even more abundant because of the advancements in technology since the inception of ViewPoint. Edge offers a customizable Dashboard, real-time statistics, mobile apps for you and your patients, automated and customizable workflows, and more! These features save you time and headaches in your office.

And did you know transitioning to Edge will save you money in the long run? No more outsourcing your IT costs. No more worrying about backups or recovering data. No more servers to maintain. An Ortho2 Edge network is 35%–44% less initially for most practices, with similar reductions in ongoing expenses. Typically, the price of usage-based hosting fees on the cloud pales in comparison to the costly expense of constant IT maintenance.

Dan Sargent, Ortho2 President, says it best, “When you say, ‘Wow, I can't believe it's been another year already,’ just know that soon it will be, ‘Wow, I can't believe it's been another decade.’" You don’t want to run your practice on decade-old software. Start preparing for the future, or better yet, define your new future now and talk to your Regional Manager about implementing Edge into your practice. Your future self will thank you.

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