By Dan Sargent, President and Co-founder, Ortho2

Dan SargentIt takes a lot to run a successful practice. And there are plenty of opinions on what you should be doing, what you should be avoiding, and when you should be doing it.  But what’s right for your practice, your staff, and your patients may be different than the orthodontist down the street.

So we’ve partnered with some of the industry’s top consultants and thought-leaders to provide you with a wide variety of practice building ideas to help you succeed. We’re looking forward to using this interactive forum to discuss orthodontics with the people who love it most.  You can expect to hear insights from:

Rosemary Bray – Rosemary Bray

Tina Byrne – Byrne Consulting

Andrea Cook – Andrea Cook Consulting

Char Eash – Profit Marketing Systems South, Inc.

Carol Eaton – Eaton Consulting

Joan Garbo – Joan Garbo

Nancy Hyman – Ortho Referral Systems

Dr. Roger Levin – The Levin Group, Inc.

Mary Kay Miller – Orthopreneur Marketing Solutions

Lori Garland Parker – Consulting Network

Dr. Bob Scholz –  http://www.drbobsweb.com/

Craig Scholz – Director of Emerging Technologies, Ortho2

As Ortho2 continues to provide comprehensive orthodontic practice management, imaging, and communication solutions for our family of more than 1600 orthodontists, we’re excited to offer you this blog as a place to gather ideas and ultimately join in the conversation.

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