5 Web and Mobile Site Marketing Tips for Orthodontists

5small 2228237163by Mary Kay Miller
Make the most of your digital real estate with these 5 tips on website and mobile site marketing for orthodontists.


  1. Information first!
    People want maps or directions, linked phone numbers they can click or tap to call at the top of the site, highlighted products such as Invisalign®, a doctor bio, and Patient Login for appointments.
  2. Make sites action oriented.
    Use links and call-to-action buttons. Get users tapping buttons instead of scrolling for a better experience.
  3. Consolidate content.
    Avoid long passages of text and large images because they are difficult to read or view. Plus the faster your site loads the better it will perform for both users and search bots.
  4. Build websites in both .mobi and .com formats.
    This means a separate domain for your mobile site that is not just a sub-domain of your .com site.
  5. Keep scrolling to a minimum.
    Preferably along only one axis – whether it is up-and-down or side-to-side.

For more on marketing your practice in the digital age, see this post.

About the Author

Mary Kay MillerMary Kay Miller is an internet marketing consultant for the orthodontic profession and founder of Orthopreneur Internet Marketing Solutions.   With over 30 years hands on experience in the field of orthodontics and certified SEO specialist, Mary Kay offers a unique perspective on how to integrate the internet marketing experience to attract more new patients and increase ROI of the latest internet marketing strategies. For a complimentary internet marketing evaluation, contact Mary Kay at 877-295-5611 or mk@orthopreneur.com. Find out more at www.orthopreneur.com.


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