Unintended Benefits

by Paulette Johnson
paper stack MP900422184 resized 600I live in California – the Bay Area to be exact. Recently, legislation passed banning plastic grocery bags. Reusable grocery bags are ecofriendly, good marketing tools, more efficient, and – except for the remembering part – just an all-around good idea. Then I had a conversation with a very intelligent man I know who pointed me to an article about the unintended consequences of reusable grocery bags, including the spreading of e-coli bacteria. Yikes…bubble burst! 

But that conversation got me thinking about unintended consequences versus unintentional benefits. Like going paperless in a practice. No paper, no piles, no filing. What could be wrong with that? The reaction you get from many offices when you discuss the paperless office is fear. Genuine fear about losing control, losing patients, losing appointments…losing.  The thought of no paper, while exciting, can also be frightening. How will I know what each patient needs? 

What I have found in “losing” the paper was even greater control. Using Treatment Chart, findings, status, Stacks, Auto-Events, work flows, and other features in ViewPoint and Edge allows for the control over your patients that you could never have with a paper-based system. The unintentional benefit is peace of mind! I know where a chart is, what appointment a patient needs, where they are in the start process, or whether they have had an extraction done, or need a referral for a prophy. I just sit down and log in.  My Ortho2 practice management software helps me implement my methods and procedures, and every patient receives the treatment they need and the customer service they deserve in a timely, professional manner. Peace of mind, my unintentional benefit.

I still use reusable grocery bags; I am more careful about the transporting of meat products, and wash my bags regularly – that is, when I remember to bring them.  

About the Author

paulette resized 600Paulette Johnson has extensive experience in the field of orthodontics and business management and over the last 16 years has enjoyed, working as an Ortho2 Certified Training Specialist. Paulette is passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals. She does this by identifying opportunities for improvement, developing a plan of action, and teaching clients how get the most out of their Ortho2 practice management software. Paulette can be reached via email: paulette@ortho2.com.

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