Dating vs. Marriage

The CleaversHave you ever dated someone and realized they weren’t the person you wanted to be with long term? After that relationship, you probably realized what it was you were looking for. And as time went on you stopped looking for the fancy clothes, a nice car, and flash, and looked for someone who would help you achieve your goals and make you better. You looked for a partner who you could share your successes with for a lifetime.

Finding a practice management system is just like this. You want to find a company that is going to be your partner, will be focused on you, and will be there for you as your life and needs change.

Here are a few things to think about to ensure you put the ring on the right finger:

Are you looking at flash or at heart?

All software companies can show you the three or four things that will make your heart skip a beat, but it’s when you really get to know the software that you see its greatness or limitations. Can your software meet all your needs while giving you the flexibility to allow you to run the kind of practice you want? With everything from imaging to patient reminders, online forms to mobile apps, customizable treatment evaluations to real-time reporting, Ortho2 is that all-around practice partner.

Communication is the key!

How many times have you heard “Communication is the key to any marriage”? Well as you all know, that is absolutely right. Ortho2 opens the line of communication by allowing you to tell us what your needs are through the UserVoice enhancement section of our website. This tool allows our users to post new enhancement ideas and vote on others ideas.  These are then discussed and changes are made. More than 50% of the suggestions on UserVoice have or are in the process of being implemented already! Don’t you want to partner with a company who is willing to listen and make changes based on your wants and needs?

You’re not just marrying your significant other, you’re marrying their whole family.

In this world of evolution, features and functionality are constantly evolving. We easily become enamored with this feature, or that feature, or look at the product in the state it is in today. But, you need to look at the family and its history to see what the future holds. The Ortho2 family has been independently owned and operated by the same group since its early days and has been a rock in the orthodontic community for more than 30 years. We are focused only on orthodontics, and helping make your dream a success. We don’t want to divide our attention in different markets. We want to focus our attention on you and your practice. Don’t you want to have that Ward and June Cleaver, and not Marge and Homer Simpson, family atmosphere?

Marriage on the rocks?  

We know all marriages aren’t perfect – that’s what our software and equipment support teams are for. With more than 80% of our calls answered live and average wait times of those who do wait at less than two minutes, they are here to help guide and counsel you to heal any bumps along the way.

Don’t let the fancy clothes and hair of the other systems distract you from what they really are – a short-term relationship. They make promises they can’t keep, which eventually leads to a breakup. Instead, choose the steady, made-for-you match­. Choose Ortho2.

About the Author

jesse[1]Jesse has been living the dream at Ortho2 for ten years. He and his wife Kelly are blessed with three beautiful daughters: Kalista, Saydie, and Taylan. Jesse says that "while looking goofy is my full time job, I'm also actively involved in mission work through my church and the Invisible Children Organization". Jesse is our Systems Consultant for the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest Societies of Orthodontists, as well as Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Puerto Rico.

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