The Selling Power of Enthusiasm

By Roger P. Levin, DDS

iStock 000012966763Large resized 600The Great Recession has taught ortho practices that treatment must be sold, not merely presented. As the staff member primarily responsible for the ortho selling process, the treatment coordinator (TC) must learn sales techniques proven effective in the business world. One of the simplest yet most powerful is to project enthusiasm.

An old axiom says you can’t sell something you don’t believe in. I would go further, adding that you must demonstrate that belief enthusiastically. Here are some of the reasons enthusiasm will increase an ortho TC’s close rate:

Enthusiasm is contagious. 

Making the sale—convincing someone to commit to ortho treatment—involves transferring the enthusiasm and energy from the TC to the parent. A low-key presentation simply leaves parents and patients cold. They may accept the validity of what the TC tells them intellectually, but the emotional energy needed to say “Yes” will be missing. TCs always believe in the value of orthodontics but, to be effective, they must enable parents and patients to “catch” their enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm creates momentum that can overcome barriers.

Most of the people engaged in “ortho shopping” are primarily concerned about fees. A well-trained TC alleviates such concerns by offering attractive financing options, but there can be a lingering hesitancy to commit. A convincing display of enthusiasm—about the doctor, team, recommended treatment, and fee—can close the sale.

Enthusiasm is the natural way to express the real benefit—a beautiful smile!

The best TCs understand the difference between what they are selling and what parents and patients are buying. Ortho treatment is merely the means to an end. By enthusiastically portraying the beautiful smile the doctor will create—and what that smile will mean in the life of the parent’s teenage daughter or son—the TC will win acceptance most of the time.

For TCs as for other salespeople, many skills come into play in a successful selling transaction. This is why comprehensive TC training is so important. Yet simply by showing their enthusiasm for the value of orthodontics, TCs can make substantial progress toward the goal of a 90% close rate.

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