When the Cloud Seems Too Far Away

image cacheby Dan Sargent
The Cloud is fantastic for accessibility and reducing cost and complexity for the user. But from a design standpoint it presents unique challenges as well. One example is dealing with very large files, like high-quality X-ray images. Even with a fast Internet connection, they just take some time to upload and download.

This is a case where a cloud-only approach can negatively impact the user experience. Say you capture an image in one area of your office, but wish to quickly review it in another. First the file will need to upload to the cloud so that it is available. Then the other computer will need to request it and wait for the download to finish. This is a sure a long way to send computer bits just so you can see them down the hall!

And it's why we created a local image cache for Edge. The large file is still uploaded to the cloud, but a locally-accessible copy remains behind. So, even while the upload takes place, other computers on the local network have immediate access to the image. Sure, the full upload/download cycle has to finish in order to see the image remotely. But let's take advantage of local resources when we can!

Make no mistake, Edge is a cloud application. We are totally jazzed about all the benefits the cloud provides! We just don't want to accept unnecessary compromises. The local image cache is one example of enhancing cloud functionality in order to provide the best possible Edge user experience.

Watch a short animation that illustrates this here.

Dan grew up in Iowa, obtained his computer science degree from Iowa State University in 1979, and founded Ortho2 in 1982, where he serves as President and CEO. He is married, has two grown daughters, and 3 grandchildren.

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