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by Paulette Johnson
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I have a friend who is an office manager for a fairly large orthodontic practice, we’ll call her Mary.  Mary’s practice is a ViewPoint office.  Well, the ViewPoint 10 Enhancement update came out recently and we were talking about it.  It is awesome, so many great new features, so I asked her which one she was going implement first.  She looked at me and with a straight face said, “Oh, I don’t have time to learn something new right now, I’ll get to it.”  Wait, what?!  You don’t have time to learn the software that runs your practice, organizes your patients, tracks your referrals, and educates your patients?!

This isn’t a unique situation.  And I think that it is not limited to enhancements.  Office staffs have a job, front desk receptionist, TC, assistant, business operations; software analyst isn’t on the list.  So how do you utilize your practice management software to its fullest?

Training, consulting, continuing education…it goes by many different names.  But the best name for it is “Important”.  It is so very important to continue the learning process; we do it for new procedures in sterilization, or the new appliance, or bonding technique.  Why not for your practice management software?  When you first get your software, training is part of the purchase. However, it is not possible to learn or remember every feature of this powerful software all at once.  So now that you are up and running, why not bring someone in for laser point training, pick a feature that you want to utilize or improve how you use it.  Don’t know exactly what else the software has to offer?  Ortho2 has trainers and resources that can help with that. Have an analysis done; discuss what you do and how you do it and get feature recommendations.  

So often I hear “I am told the software won’t do that”, and most of the time that is just a case of the staff not knowing how to do it.  Here’s my advice – and it is the same advice I gave to Mary – bring in some help, someone with a critical eye that can help you make the most of your practice management software.  It is an investment in your practice you can count on giving you a great return.  

About the Author

Paulette JohnsonPaulette Johnson has extensive experience in the field of orthodontics and business management and over the last 16 years has enjoyed working as an Ortho2 Certified Training Specialist. Paulette is passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals. She does this by identifying opportunities for improvement, developing a plan of action, and teaching clients how to get the most out of their Ortho2 practice management software. Paulette can be reached via email:

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