Skeleton Staff

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by Paulette Johnson

Does your practice run with a skeleton crew?  Is everyone assigned a job and no one cross-trained? What happens when one of your crew is unable to work for a day, a week, or a month?  Does your skeleton end up in a heap?  With a staff member out do you only address functions that are critical? 

That is no way to run a business, even for a short time.  Cross-training is a very important aspect of staff management in a practice.  Without it all you are is a pile of independent bones and not the support structure you need.  Having the appropriate amount of staff is also important.  Staffs that are cross-trained with even work distribution, time to do their jobs, and interact with patients are the meat on the bones of a successful practice!

Happy Halloween!

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Paulette JohnsonPaulette Johnson has extensive experience in the field of orthodontics and business management and over the last 16 years has enjoyed working as an Ortho2 Certified Training Specialist. Paulette is passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals. She does this by identifying opportunities for improvement, developing a plan of action, and teaching clients how to get the most out of their Ortho2 practice management software. Paulette can be reached via email:

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