Ortho2 Backup Monitoring Service

by Lowell Davis
backup Almost everything you do in your office today is stored digitally.  Protecting your practice’s data is one of the most important, yet overlooked, things an orthodontic office should do.  Even if you have a backup plan in place, are you certain that you are getting reliable and successful backups?  Are you backing up everything you would need to restore in case of a natural disaster, burglary, internal computer damage, or even just user error?

To answer these questions and to help protect your data, Ortho2 now offers a backup monitoring service for only $49 per month.

When you invest in this service an Ortho2 equipment technician will consult with you to discuss your practice’s needs for the backup and protection of not only your practice management data but images, accounting data, personal documents, and any other electronic information that you deem valuable and will complete a written summary for your records.  Using this information your daily and weekly backups will be configured and scheduled to run.  These backups will be monitored remotely on a daily basis for failures or anomalies.  Troubleshooting and resolution of any errors will be taken care of on your behalf by an Ortho2 technician.

Backups are essential but never 100% error free.  Taking advantage of the Backup Monitoring Service will provide you with the peace of mind that should the unthinkable occur, your practice will be able to recover its critical data and continue providing the high level of care your patients expect as quickly as possible.

Do I need to purchase anything other than the monthly service?

You will need to have NovaBackup Business Essentials for your SQL server or NovaBackup Professional for imaging or non-server computers that are to be backed up. (Many offices already have this software from Ortho2.)  You will also need to purchase a Novastor CMC license for $50.  This is a license to use the software that allows your Ortho2 Equipment Technician to monitor the outcome of each backup you run remotely.

How do I know the backup media I’m using is good?  I want to be absolutely certain I can restore my data if I need to.

By electing to enroll in the backup monitoring + restore service for $99 per month, an Ortho2 Equipment Technician will perform a quarterly restore on your server or, if you prefer to ship your backup to us, at our corporate office to verify data integrity and that a restoration can be performed successfully.

How do I sign up?

Contact your Systems Consultant or the Ortho2 Equipment Team to enroll in the monthly backup monitoring service.

About the Author

Lowell[1]Lowell has been with Ortho2 since 1998 when he was hired as a Software Support Representative. He traveled to many offices and universities to assist in their transitions to ViewPoint before becoming the Equipment Support Manager in 2004. Lowell enjoys spending time with his family and two dogs, and he spends his free time coaching Little League, playing in various music groups, and immersing himself in the Chicago Cubs.

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