Cutting Edge Webinars: Knowledge at the Low, Low Price of Nothing

Are you someone who seeks, nay, thirsts for knowledge? Are you someone who actively searches for new exciting information to better your orthodontic practice? Are you beginning to think about how to start or integrate into a practice? Do you like doing all of that stuff without having to change out of your pajamas? Well, I have three letters for you, C.E.W. Cutting Edge Webinars. Ortho2 is presenting orthodontic webinars left and right from some of the smartest voices in the orthodontic scene.

Now I can already hear you, “Ben, I don’t have Ortho2 software.” Well… it doesn’t matter! Use whatever software you want in your practice. These webinars aren’t just for Ortho2 customers; they’re for anyone who works in an orthodontic practice that wants to take a serious look at where there might be opportunities for improvement. And if you’re a resident, even better. Many of the CEW presentations are geared towards you specifically, so that your first few steps into the world of running a business aren’t so terrifying.

Started in 2010 by Dr. Bob Scholz, CEW’s were his way of sharing small treasure troves of knowledge and mentorship in easily digestible hour segments. That’s why topics range from scheduling, financials, scripting, office interior design, and well just about anything and everything a practice has to deal with. And it all comes from industry veterans who’re eager to get your practice into tip-top shape. Think of it like Gordon Ramsey for ortho but without all the berating and from the comfort of wherever you want.

So how do you become a part of this fabulous series? Simply visit our Cutting Edge Webinar page to see what topics are coming up. And keep checking back since we’re always getting more CEW’s lined up.

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