Game Time

by LeeAnn Peniche

"Let your game be your marketing tool." - Michael Jordan


Our game is orthodontic treatment. However, treatment does not start with bands and brackets, it starts with the new patient experience. Our game is about taking care of the person, not just the patient. This begins with the first phone call and continues into the final days of retention.

Below are 4 Tips to Master Your Game:

Game Time: When a new patient telephones your office, is your practice excited? Even at 3:00 P.M. in the middle of the after school rush? This is the first point of contact for most new patients. We set the tone, build the excitement, and create memorable moments. Begin the call by welcoming the family to Grin Orthodontics. Let them know you will be gathering a little information and that it will take about five minutes. Ask, “Is this a good time?” This gains permission and sets expectations for the call. It's the first step towards trust. Our goal is to collect the story about the people coming to see us. Shift from a data entry experience to a gracious sincere welcome… It's game time!

The Morning Huddle: Your morning meeting sets the tone for the day and creates excitement. The morning should begin with your clinical team reviewing the people coming into the practice, not the patients. I know you can take care of the patients, but what about the people? Are there any stories? Memorable moments? Does anyone need extra love today? People first, patients second.

Create a Destination: The goal is be more than an appointment with an orthodontist. The reception area should offer Internet, beverages, entertainment for the younger children, education regarding treatment advances, invitations to join your events, and memories of great times.

Connect: Take a moment with every person, at every appointment, to connect. Whether you are the doctor, the receptionist, or the assistant, be with that person. They should feel you are 100% there just for them. Yes, the clinic is busy, the phones are ringing, the lights are flashing, patients are on deck waiting, but you are fully present. We don’t want to make excuses about why we don't have time. In fact, you may be the only person who really "sees" them that day. This connection is what makes legends.

LeeAnn Peniche – President, Peniche & Associates

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