How Your Patients Interact With You Through Edge Cloud


Communication is the key to any relationship. And today, there are so many different ways people can communicate with each other. While one patient may call to make a
payment, another prefers to make that same payment online. Edge Cloud offers a wide range of opportunities for your patients and parents to interact with your office. Below are just a few of the current and new features you can find in your cloud practice management system.

Online Scheduling
Patients are already online. With Edge Cloud’s newest feature, allow new patients to schedule an exam on their own time. You set the parameters such as what type of appointment can be scheduled, which office location and/or orthodontist to use, and the available times.

After patients schedule their exam, the appointment will automatically display in your Edge Scheduler. This feature will be released soon.

Edge Proposal
In addition to setting appointments, new patients can also set the terms
of their contract before signing it with Edge Proposal. This soon to be released feature, allows you to set the initial contract parameters, and
then set your prospects loose.

The interactive financial sliders allow new patients to set the initial payment and number of payments. Responsible parties can also select from predetermined treatment options such as Invisalign, clear brackets, or any optional add-ons your office provides. After the terms are selected, a summary is sent to the responsible party, and terms are applied within Edge Cloud.

Website Access and Forms
Once patients start treatment, they can contact your office through a variety of methods, including Edge Portal Premium and Online Forms.

Your patients and responsible parties can get the information they need, whenever and wherever they are with Edge Portal Premium. With Edge Portal your staff will spend less time on the phone answering questions about accounts and appointments. Patients and responsible parties will be able to check the time, procedure, and reminder of their next appointment. They can even check their balance and make credit card or ACH payments. You can even allow referring dentists to pull up shared patient photos, documentation, treatment chart information, and expected appliance removal dates.

Online Forms provide a way for patients to fill out forms electronically, and a way for you to use that data in patient folders, merge letters, and subgroups. Data is automatically loaded into Edge Cloud, and changed
responses are flagged. Your online forms can be of any type – health history, office questionnaire, outpatient interview, etc. You can include your own logo at the top of all online forms.

Find out more ways your patients can interact with you, and how you can interact with them at the 2020 Users Group Meeting in San Diego, February 27-29.

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