Morning Meetings, By the Numbers

Morning Meetings, By the NumbersLevinRoger

By Roger P. Levin, DDS

The morning meeting, which I refer to as the Daily Business Meeting, plays an essential role in a successful ortho practice. The entire staff benefits when practices consistently hold effective morning meetings, spending 10–­15 minutes to prepare for the day ahead. Productive meetings allow for communicating ideas, sharing information, identifying potential problems, and finding solutions.

What should the team accomplish during the Daily Business Meeting? Focus on making your ortho practice a stronger business by reviewing your progress toward production targets. What can the team do today to move the practice forward?

Target 1: Month-to-Date Collections vs. Collection Goal

If production is up but collections stay down, then the practice is not being paid for all of the work being done. Assess whether your practice is ahead or behind in its collections. (I recommend a target of collecting 99% of money owed.) Schedule calls today for accounts that are one day behind.

Target 2: Monthly Starts

Review the practice’s goal for ortho starts this month. Have too few case presentations been accepted? Brainstorm how other staff members can help the Treatment Coordinator close more cases today.

Target 3: New Patients Scheduled

Have all new patients been scheduled within seven days? If not, perhaps one or two could be moved to openings in this week’s schedule.

Target 4: Siblings and Observation Patients

Are there any patients coming in with siblings who should be identified for possible evaluation? Don’t forget about the day’s observation appointments. Is it time for conversion to ortho treatment?

Target 5: Schedule Overdue Patients

The staff should also review which patients are overdue by one day and need to be called.

Team members can work together when they know where your practice stands in relation to its targets. Create an agenda for the Daily Business Meeting so that everyone stays on topic, but welcome staff ideas and feedback as well. A positive, productive meeting will set the right tone for the entire day.


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