My Very First Ortho2 AAO


This year marked my very first AAO. Not only that but my first time in New Orleans, and what an experience it was. It was great to meet everyone and work alongside some people I haven’t worked with before. The convention center was massive, and it was interesting to see the various orthodontic offerings from all over the world. There was so much interesting technology on display, and coupled with the spectacle of the booths it was fun just to be there.

Of course, my favorite part of my trip had to be demoing Edge, our total practice management software solution. I got to meet people from all over the world – from every aspect of orthodontics. It never ceased to be satisfying watching someone’s eyes show a bit of wow in our offerings. Whether it was people completely new to our practice management software or a seasoned practitioners in Ortho2’s software suite, I like to think we left each and every individual with something to consider.

It wasn’t just the software, it was fun to talk shop about network setups and what exactly makes Ortho2’s cloud solution unique from the competition. Plenty of doctors and staff had the same essential question, “I’ve heard a lot about the cloud, what makes yours so special?” It’s the type of question you want to answer with a single sentence, but you want to be careful to encapsulate all the features and points cloud computing has to offer. If I had to really narrow down the answer to a single statement it had to be: It simplifies your practice. No more complicated network infrastructure, no more regular maintenance and upgrading of a big expensive server, no more synching up multiple office locations, no more redundant backups, and no more hassle and panic if your server goes down. And it’s not just in terms of your network, Edge itself is about simplifying your life. We want you to be able to consolidate your office functions through one piece of software. I had plenty of doctors ask about imaging, patient messaging, or reward program integrations. It always gave me a buzz to be able to say you need that? We have that. That type of one-stop shop functionality coupled with user interface customization is what we’re all about at Ortho2.20140426_112321

And I learned from you folks out there too. If AAO taught me one thing, it’s that most doctors and staff members already knows more about networking and system management then they probably recognize. The tech jargon might not be your common language, but you can certainly tell the difference between dealing with a dying server and VPN’ing several office locations versus having the Internet and your data hosted on a cloud. Because of that, there were no smoke and mirrors, no convention centered tricks, or demo related shortcuts that wouldn’t be possible in a real office settings. We had an Internet connection, a database, and the Edge software, just like any office using Ortho2’s software would have had. I think the speed, the flexibility, and the functionality spoke for itself.

And it wasn’t just people looking to Edge, it was great to see our existing ViewPoint customers too. You guys are always keep me on my toes! With full commitment to supporting and updating ViewPoint there were tons of new things to put on display. In fact if you’re an existing ViewPoint user, get ready for new enhancements coming your way when ViewPoint 10.1 is released later this summer.

The demos and tutorials were a blast but I won’t pretend that each demo I gave encompassed every feature in the Edge software. If I did that we would’ve been talking for a couple of days! From SmartCeph to the dynamic dashboard, there were just too many functions and tips to jam into just one demo. I encourage you to contact your systems consultant if you’d like to see more about Edge.

All in all, I had a great time at AAO and it was fun experience to finally put faces to names. Hopefully, I’ll get to see you guys next year again, or even better, see you at the UGM. If you see me in the future, drop by and say hi. I know it’ll be nice to meet you.


Ben Shin

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