Our Users’ Top 5 Patient-Facing Features


Communicating with your patients is one of the lifelines of your practice. How patients receive and respond to information can help streamline your processes. And now, during the COVID pandemic, communication is even more important than ever. Improve your patient communication with these top five patient-facing tools from Ortho2. And stick around for our bonus staff pick!


  1. Edge Reminders and Edge Broadcast. Even though reminders is in the name, Edge Reminders does so much more than reminding patients of their upcoming appointments. Use Edge Reminders to send patients links to COVID forms they need to fill out before their appointment, reminders of what to do when they arrive at your office, or even give notice of an office closure. Edge Reminders can also be used for birthday greetings or alerting responsible parties of past due accounts. You can send reminders via two-way text, email, and/or phone call based on patients’ preferences.

    Edge Broadcast, which is included with Edge Reminders, is the perfect way to send out a mass email to all of your patients. Edge Broadcast has no limits on the number of people you send an email to, so it is perfect for monthly newsletters or a notification that your entire customer base should receive. Customize your templates to fit your office’s feel.

    Contact Sales to get Edge Reminders in your office, or contact Software Support to set up Edge Reminders. Edge Broadcast is only for Edge Cloud.
  1. Edge Portal Premium. Don’t limit when a patient can contact you about their information. Use Edge Portal to provide your patients and responsible parties 24/7 access to their information including their next appointment time and procedure. They can even check their balance and make credit card or ACH payments.

    EdgePortalPremiumThe easiest way to register responsible parties for Edge Portal is to open the responsible party in Edge Cloud, and click the Register for Portal button in the Responsible Party tab of the ribbon bar. This automatically emails the responsible party the link they need to register their account, with no additional information needed on their part.

    Contact Sales to get Edge Portal Premium in your office. Review the Quick Start Guide to begin using. Only with Edge Cloud.
  1. Online Forms. No more waiting for responsible parties to fill out forms when they arrive for their OnlineForms appointment. With Online Forms, send a link to the required paperwork for patients and responsible parties to fill out online, before their appointment. Responses are automatically loaded into Edge Cloud for easy access. Your forms can be of any type: healthy history, office questionnaire, or outpatient interview. These forms can even be branded with your office logo.

    A standard Health History Form is included with Edge Cloud. You can also request a custom form through our customer site.
  1. Online Scheduling. Give your new patients a convenient way to schedule an exam directly from your website. Online Scheduling’s quick configuration lets you set the appointment types, times, doctors, and locations available to your preferences. Once your parameters are set, you can add a link to your website to let your new patients choose the options that work best for them.

Laptop_OnlineScheduling_2021All online appointments are synced into your Edge Cloud Scheduler and patients are added as prospective patients. Once you make contact with the patient, you can easily promote them to a full patient and continue your new patient process. The best part is that Online Scheduling is completely free to use!

Review the Quick Start Guide to set up and use Online Scheduling. Only for Edge Cloud.

  1. KellnerOrthodontics_Phones-1inVisit. inVisit is the perfect way to conduct virtual appointments with both current and prospective patients. Patients can begin their treatment journey from the comfort of their own home. The intuitive process guides existing and prospective patients through taking a series of photos and filling out a customized questionnaire.

    Orthodontists can then review submitted cases to determine the next course of treatment or contact a prospective patient to decide if treatment is necessary. The personalized management dashboard gives orthodontists complete, secured access to cases. Stay connected with patients through email or text in the communication center.

    Get started at www.getinvisit.com.
  1. Our Staff Bonus Pick – Edge Pop. Edge Pop displays a pop-up when receiving phone calls from Phone Popup - Multiple calls - Smith&Jones - 2021associated patients and responsible parties. Save time by clicking on the pop up to open the patient’s record. If the number calling is not associated with a patient, you can easily create a new patient record. Run the Edge Pop Call History report to see all the numbers that have called your office.

Review the Quick Start Guide to set up and use Edge Pop. Only for Edge Cloud.

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