Patient Rewards for Edge and ViewPoint

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By Wesley DeShaw, Ortho2 Systems Consultant

Edge and ViewPoint have a new feature: Patient Rewards.

This system allows you to calculate points and track rewards you offer as incentive to motivate patient attendance, treatment cooperation, oral hygiene, and more.

Patients can trade the points they earn by completing common treatment activities for prizes from your office. This use of positive reinforcement helps motivate patients to be prompt to their appointments, scheduling their next appointment while in the office, filling out online forms, and even keeping their six-month dental checkup. It’s easy to start using this system with every patient, including recall patients.

With a simple setup, you too can start using the built-in Patient Rewards system and digitize the process of handing out reward points. The system is fully yours, and you’ll be able to establish prizes of your choosing to be redeemed for however many points you feel appropriate. You can track patient point totals through the sign-in screen or through the Patient Rewards section of your software. Patients can also use cards coupled with a card swiper you may already use for credit and debit card payments to keep track of their point balances themselves.

Once they’ve accrued enough points, patients can view the Prize Selector, review their point balance, and redeem their points for prizes as they use your Patient Sign-In station. In addition, Edge customers can allow patients do the above through the Practice Connect app right from their personal Apple or Android devices.

Practice Rewards is a free edition to existing Ortho2 Edge and ViewPoint users. With multiple ways to incentivize their time with your practice, you can make your patient’s treatment a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Using Patient Rewards creates a fun and positive way to increase patient compliance and add even more value to you patient’s treatment.

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