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Edge Cloud was designed to be customizable to your office and your needs, and a perfect example of this is visual tags. Visual tags consist of user-defined shapes and colors that can be used to ‘tag’ a record for classification or subgroup purposes. They can be created and assigned to patients and responsible parties. Visual tags can be seen in the patient record, responsible party record, Patient Tracker, and Post Payment window.

Dr. Kervin Mack, Orthodontist at Mack Orthodontics in North Carolina said he uses visual tags in a variety of ways. One specific tag he uses, a green ‘A’, is for patients who are anime fans. “You can easily create a subgroup that prompts you to select the visual tag, and I can pull up every anime fan in my practice and send them a text to announce that the next episode of Jujutsu Kaisen posted early,” Mack said.

Mack said they use visual tags to know which patients only speak Spanish, need extra care, or may even occupy more time than expected all before he sits down with them. The uses of visual tags are endless. Other ideas include special financial arrangements, prefers Dr. X, or to track appliances.

Creating Visual Tags

In Edge Cloud, open your Editors and select Visual Tags under the General heading.

Click Add at the top of the Visual Tags list to create a new tag, or select an existing tag to work with.

Once you have a tag selected, you can edit the name, style, and color. If the style you select is Character, type the keyboard character you want to use in the Character box. Once you create a record, you cannot delete it. You can, however, flag it Inactive. Inactive records remain in your system, but cannot be applied to any new records.

Click Save in your Quick Access toolbar or File ribbon bar (or press Ctrl+S on your keyboard) to save any changes you have made.

There are many places where you can implement visual tags in Edge Cloud. Review the Visual Tags visual help video to learn more.

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