Starting the New Year Right with Edge

Untitled-2-01.jpgI remember when I was 12 or so my father finally bought a computer for the entire family. We had always had computers in our house because of his job but they were DOS systems that would display a whopping two colors. I spent days playing a 5 in-a-row tic-tac-toe game he had written as a programming exercise. But now finally our house had a computer for the whole family, and it was with total excitement that I turned on our new PC and thought, “Behold, I have Windows 98.” Back then staring into the CRT monitor of our shining new PC and loading up Encarta Encyclopedia 98 was probably the single coolest thing on earth to me.

Flash forward a couple of years and I upgrade, buy, or assemble a new machine every couple of years. I need to – my job and hobbies necessitate upgrading my system on a fairly regular basis. And it’s likely that you should be doing the same. It’s why I marvel when I hear about an office STILL running XP or six-year-old hardware. A chef wouldn’t use a dull knife and like that chef, you need the tools to make sure you can run a sharp practice.

Take ViewPoint for example – it’s a loyal tried and true practice management software system that’s exhibited great stability and performance over a span of many years. And while we still support ViewPoint and will for many years to come, we also want to make sure that you don’t stand frozen in time. It’s why we developed Edge, the sharper knife in the drawer.

With Edge you’re looking at a transition from local servers to a streamlined cloud-based experience. It was designed as a forward looking system that is not only about data management but also about services like mobile apps, automated backups, and high quality image storage.

So if you haven’t looked at Edge yet, now’s the time! There are great benefits to purchasing the system before the end of the year. Talk with your tax advisor to see how tax code Section 179 can allow for a full deduction of the entire cost of qualified purchases up to $500,000.

You can check out the Edge Demo here to see what you’re missing and of course if you have any questions contact your Regional Managers.

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