The Dual Advantages of Outside Financing

By Roger P. Levin, DDS


No matter how well you and your treatment coordinator present the case to parents and adult patients, one barrier in particular can block acceptance of ortho treatment: the cost.

For the average individual or family, the decision to spend thousands of dollars—no matter how great the benefits—does not come easily. Especially in the post-recession economy, marked as it is by stagnant wages and financial uncertainty, paying for orthodontics can be daunting.

Increased Case Acceptance

This is why Levin Group urges its clients to offer a range of payment options, including outside financing. This arrangement—endorsed by you but made between patients or parents and a reputable finance company—makes the cost of treatment much more affordable. Using the same approach taken by car dealers and others who sell “big ticket” items, outside financing turns an intimidating price into an affordable monthly payment.

Though your revenue is reduced by a modest service fee, your practice still comes out far ahead because this payment option often turns rejection into acceptance. In effect, it’s a matter of getting most of something rather than all of nothing. This fact alone should persuade you to offer outside financing… but there’s another excellent reason to do so. 

Reduced Collections Headaches and Risks

When payment agreements are between adult patients or parents and your practice, collecting what you’re owed can be a serious problem. When accounts become overdue, your staff must spend what is often a considerable amount of time trying to collect. It’s not only time-consuming but also stressful (for all parties)… and all too often it results in financial losses for your practice.

With financing arranged by patients with a third party—the finance company—the challenges of collecting what you’re owed disappear. Your team members can spend more of their time on positive practice-building tasks, and your exposure to financial risk on these cases is eliminated. Though it may be difficult to assign specific dollar values on these benefits, they are very real all the same.

If you’re not promoting outside financing to all adult patients and parents—because there’s no telling who might turn down treatment without it—you’re limiting your success unnecessarily. For a higher close rate and a lower cost of doing business, outsource the financing so you can focus more on orthodontics.


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