The Role Scripting Can Play in Ortho Practice Growth

By Roger P. Levin, DDS


Prior to the Great Recession, scripting was viewed as the be
st way to be sure patients and parents were getting the information they needed in language they could understand. It still serves that purpose, but Levin Group has reshaped scripting into a powerful motivational tool. We call this new communication technique Value Creation Scripting.

As the name indicates, Value Creation Scripting turns every interaction with parents and patients into a value-building process. Its influence on acquiring new patients and increasing production cannot be overstated. Following are the primary situations in which excellent scripting can make a dramatic difference in results.

1. Asking for Referrals

Many ortho practices—even those that are not growing—fail to ask their patients and parents to recommend the practice to people they know. Why? Because they don’t know what to say, or they feel uncomfortable asking. Of all the strategies ortho practices can—and should—use to generate referrals, nothing works better than simply asking, guided by scripting.

2. Introduction to the Practice

During the prospect’s initial call to the practice, the front desk coordinator—well-trained with scripting—will immediately begin building value. She will know what to say in order to make the best possible impression and schedule an appointment. During the next step, when parents and prospective patients present at the practice for the first time, scripting continues building value in a warm welcome at the front desk and during the introductions and tour of the facilities conducted by the treatment coordinator (TC).

3. Case Presentation

During the consult, the TC will rely on scripting as her guide. As she quickly learns about the parent and child, conveys reassuring facts about the doctor and practice, repeatedly talks about the benefits of getting treatment at the practice, and builds the new relationship, scripts show the way. Each presentation will be unique, yet the TC’s scripting will enable her to adjust on-the-fly and say the right things to motivate acceptance… which will occur in 90% or more of the cases. To maximize the positive effect of the orthodontist’s 5–10 minutes in the room, he or she should also rely on excellent scripting.

There are many systems and strategies ortho practices can use to increase production, but few play as direct a role in success as Value Creation Scripting.

 Recognizing the vital role a well-trained TC can play in the success of the modern ortho practice, Levin Group has created the only nationwide study club exclusively for ortho TCs. The Treatment Coordinator Online Study Club is a rich educational resource dedicated to upgrading the skills of ortho TCs… and it’s absolutely free. For details and to sign up your TC, go to


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