The ViewPoint to Edge Cloud Transition

Dr. Robb-1.jpgDr. Stuart Robb takes pride in keeping his office running on schedule 100 percent of the time. His schedule is worked out so perfectly that he even advertises to prospective patients that each appointment will start on time. For years, Dr. Robb relied on ViewPoint to manage his schedule. Earlier this year, Robb Orthodontics made the transition to Edge Cloud, the second time his team has done so.

Dr. Robb first became familiar with Ortho2 ViewPoint while working at the University of Chicago. When he took over his current practice – offices in both Lake Forest and Highland Park, Illinois – he had been using two different practice management systems, but chose to continue with ViewPoint.

Dr. Robb explains that the office locations are only ten minutes from each other, so patients can be seen at both offices. With his ViewPoint setup, he ran a VPN connection to ensure he could access the same information at each location. Because of his interest in IT, Dr. Robb didn’t hire an outside tech, and instead did the work himself with both offices. While connecting between the offices through a VPN worked, he called it a headache every time something went wrong.

“There was always ten percent of me every night that worried about my data. I have no paper in my office. Everything is electronic. If I have an issue with my data, I would be in big trouble,” he says.

This point hit hard when a tenant above his practice partially flooded his office. Luckily, the water didn’t reach the server. But Dr. Robb’s biggest fear of losing his data, not being able to locate a viable backup, and ultimately his office being down while he fixed the problem made him look at the then brand new Ortho2 Edge Cloud.

Robb Orthodontics was one of the first practices to move to Edge Cloud in 2010. What interested Dr. Robb the most was that he would no longer have to worry about backups, lost data, or not being able to access ViewPoint if the Internet was down. It was the peace of mind he was looking for.

However, after making the conversion, Edge Cloud wasn’t performing as it should, at least partly due to the Internet service within the office. Edge Cloud was performing at a non-optimal speed.

When seeing patients Dr. Robb moves around in the software – pulling up images, closing them, viewing treatment charts, and any notes he left himself. The need to navigate the software quickly was paramount to keep his practice running on time.

This led Dr. Robb to switch back to ViewPoint. “In general, I never had a problem with ViewPoint. It’s the stable platform I used for everything,” he says.

To read more about Dr. Robb's transition to Edge Cloud for the second time, click here. 

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