Top 3 Reasons to Visit Ortho2 in Orlando

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Are you as excited about the AAO as we are?! If you're already in sunny Orlando, then you definitely need to stop by and visit us! We're really looking forward to showing you what's new with Ortho2! Whether you're wanting to learn more about our products or just stopping by to say hi, here are the top 3 reasons you should visit us in Orlando.

1. The best reason is to take advantage of the lowest pricing on Edge! Our cloud-based management software is only discounted this much once a year.

2. Educate your patients with compliance animations on us! The Edge Animations App is completely free to download on either Apple or Android devices, and can be downloaded regardless of practice management affiliation. In addition to compliance animations, the app features an “Introduction to Orthodontics” video which explains why treatment from a certified orthodontist matters.

3. We know it’s a mobile world, and Edge is designed to take your office with you wherever you are. Edge Mobile lets you check your schedule, see patient images, and even get live practice statistics. Then reach out to your community with Practice Connect, which allows you to share the brilliance of your practice with the world. Part marketing, part functional app, Practice Connect is the easiest way to get people to your office.

 We look forward to seeing you at booth #201!

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