Boundaries and Policies

Posted by Ben Shin on Oct 9, 2015 10:55:04 AM

by Pat Rosenzweig

When a patient repeatedly cancels or no shows, what's your policy? While that may sound like an easy question to some of you, in many offices I get pitiful looks from the front desk staff when a patient – who has repeatedly missed appointments – insists on another 4 P.M. or Saturday time slot. The pitiful look is because the office has no real policy regarding these instances, and they have many other patients wanting those prime time appointments. I'm completely aware that we never want to upset our patients because we don't want them to leave or speak poorly of the practice. We do however, in all aspects of our life, need to set boundaries. These boundaries in an office not only keep your schedule running properly, but also show your staff you respect them as much as you do your patients. Because I know how much doctors dislike setting these boundaries and making these policies, let me suggest some and you can blame the evil consultants.

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