Posted by Ben Shin on Mar 22, 2016 3:11:51 PM

by Pat Rosenzweig

Years ago, when most offices still ran on paper, and computers were just being introduced, we saw a lot of doctors and staff members who preferred to continue to do all their scheduling and chart notes on paper. They just used the computers for patient accounts and billing. We've come a long way from those days and our software has become much more useful. We now have great software (such as those from Ortho2) available that can keep the office flowing, maintain all patient information, and keep everyone communicating. We know this great software is available and most of our practices currently own one version or another, so what's my point? My point is that while the doctor spent a decent amount of money on the software, most of our offices are currently using half of it...at best!

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Unintended Benefits

Posted by Shelby Kruse on Jul 26, 2013 10:01:00 AM

by Paulette Johnson
I live in California – the Bay Area to be exact. Recently, legislation passed banning plastic grocery bags. Reusable grocery bags are ecofriendly, good marketing tools, more efficient, and – except for the remembering part – just an all-around good idea. Then I had a conversation with a very intelligent man I know who pointed me to an article about the unintended consequences of reusable grocery bags, including the spreading of e-coli bacteria. Yikes…bubble burst! 

But that conversation got me thinking about unintended consequences versus unintentional benefits. Like going paperless in a practice. No paper, no piles, no filing. What could be wrong with that? The reaction you get from many offices when you discuss the paperless office is fear. Genuine fear about losing control, losing patients, losing appointments…losing.  The thought of no paper, while exciting, can also be frightening. How will I know what each patient needs? 

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