Utilizing Edge Cloud for Your Tele-Health Needs


We all could go for some precedented times right now. Nevertheless, since we are still in the unprecedented times of 2020, Ortho2 is here to help you feel a little more like what used to be. Since the pandemic began, telehealth has seen a 3,437% spike in usage*. That’s a lot of people looking to do routine healthcare online.

With this in mind, Ortho2 developed inVisit, orthodontic visits and consultations for your patients in the comfort of their own home. The intuitive process guides existing and prospective patients through taking a series of six photos and filling out a questionnaire customized by the practice. Questionnaires are customized based on if the patient is a prospect or a current patient. Orthodontists can then review submitted cases to determine the next course of treatment or contact a prospect to decide if treatment is necessary. Two-way texting and email functions keep communication open in the way patients prefer. Learn more and get started with inVisit by going to www.getinvisit.com.

The features already built into Edge Cloud make it even easier for patients to do more online with their orthodontic treatment.

  • Online Scheduling allows for new patients to request an exam
  • Edge Portal allows your patients to view their upcoming appointments, pay their bill online, and see their treatment information.
  • Patients can fill out online forms (you can even customize them to your office’s specific needs) before coming into your office, making it so less time is spent in the waiting area.
  • The two-way texting feature in Edge Reminders is an easy way to communicate with your patients. You can even have them check in from their car to let you know they have arrived for their appointment.
  • Edge Reminders allows you to send out customized phone, text, or email reminders. Include a link in your texts and emails to your COVID-19 form to ensure patients fill it out before arriving for their appointment.

Learn more about these features in Edge Cloud’s built-in Help system, or reach out to the Software Support Team.

*Source: https://www.ahip.org/telehealth-growth-during-covid-19/

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