Wait, Ortho2 has a Cloud?

Ortho2_Cloud_Logo-1.pngNow that you are thinking about the future of your practice, have you thought about moving your data to the cloud? Ortho2’s Edge is the perfect cloud-based solution for your practice. But wait, Ortho2 has a cloud option? Why, yes, we do! We have even heard people say, but it isn’t a “true cloud”. Oh, but it is. Below, we bust some of the most common myths.

Myth: Edge isn’t a true cloud because it isn’t browser-based.

Busted: The device and how you run the program don’t determine if you are on the cloud. Where you store your data does. The definition of cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet (rather than a local server) to store, manage, and process data. Which means both browser-based and application-based programs can run in the cloud.

Myth: If your product runs on the cloud, you still need a server for images.

Busted: Going back to the definition of cloud computing, it uses remote servers hosted on the Internet. Your images will be stored in the cloud, where you can access them anytime, from any device. You don’t need servers in your office. At. All. Edge’s Local Image Cache is a local directory of your images that allows instant access to images without having to download them from the cloud, leaving more Internet speed for data. And the best part is you STILL don’t need a server to use the image cache. It is a local directory on a computer you already use.

And the cloud takes care of your backups. Redundant data entryways are protected by world-class anti-intrusion firewalls, and backups are saved on multiple platforms. Your information will always be available even if a disaster strikes your office.

Myth: But I heard the cloud doesn’t run on an iPad/tablet/Macs/etc.

Busted: The cloud is not device biased. Your information is stored on the cloud, and accessing your information can come from any device no matter the operating system, whether it is tethered to an outlet, or with you on the beach.

Myth: Another company has a superior cloud product.

Busted: Craig Scholz, Ortho2’s Director of Emerging Technologies, says, “Of the top four orthodontic practice management systems, only Edge was designed and built from scratch as a cloud computing solution. The other systems utilize legacy software that was available long before the cloud.” Edge leverages all that the cloud has to offer including mobile apps and real time access to data.

So while you are thinking of your needs for the future, remember Ortho2’s Edge. It’s a true cloud product that will help keep your practice soaring.

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