What Edge Specialist Can Do For You

pediatricdentistry_022817-1Edge Specialist is nearing
its release. And if you don’t have a pediatric dentist in your office, you may wonder how your office will benefit from this new module. Even if you aren’t planning to implement Edge Specialist, there are many changes within Edge Cloud that
have been added to help your practice.


You can now associate procedures with an appointment. This can be useful for tracking things such as broken brackets and emergency visits. The Dental Procedures editor allows you to create custom procedures, which can then be used in conjunction with your tooth chart to show items such as broken brackets.

These procedures can then be used with the procedures you have set up in the Procedures editor. When creating new appointment types, you can add procedures under the Default Treatment heading. Simply click the green plus icon and add the procedure you wish to add to the appointment type.

In addition, you can add custom conditions in the tooth chart. Define new conditions in the Dental Conditions editor. In this editor, you can add details such as which area of the tooth is affected and how it will be noted in your tooth chart. When you are in the tooth chart, simply right click the tooth to add the condition.

In the future, you will be able to sequence future appointments and plan custom procedures for each. Using the treatment sequencing, you can set individual procedures to occur with each appointment type. These procedures can then show in the scheduler, and appear in the patient’s treatment chart as line items.


You can now finalize the Transaction Report by location and/or doctor. Note that some options may be grayed out if they are unavailable. In addition, you can see information such as the last finalized report, and the contents of the current report you are going to finalize.

Other planned enhancements include:

  • Payment plans for miscellaneous charges 
  • Expanded Insurance Plan Coverage editor, which includes more information such as group number, group name, policy number, renewal date, and more
  • Improved tracking of primary and secondary insurance coverages
  • The ability to mark insurance coverages as inactive
  • The ability to report and subgroup on custom procedures by specific information

Some of these features have already been released in Edge Cloud. Check your release notes after updates to see when new features have been added.

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