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Today’s the day! It’s been a long winding road for Windows 10, but as of July 29th the newest OS offering from Microsoft is finally here and officially released.

Edge and ViewPoint are certified for use with Professional and Enterprise editions. However, other editions of Windows 10, including Home and Education versions, have not been fully tested at this time and are not advised.

Talk with your IT professional about making the transition as smooth as possible. In the near future, we will be providing hardware configurations with Windows 10 pre-installed.

In some cases, if you have Windows 7 or higher, you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Simply click the Microsoft icon in your system tray. If the free upgrade applies to you, you'll have one year to make the transition so upgrade when you feel ready.

The XP Legacy

If you’re still working off XP though, it’s past time to make a transition. Many may consider hanging onto older PCs using XP because it has truly proven itself to be an exceptional operating system in its time. That being said, times change. This saying is increasingly true when it comes to the world of technology. Therefore it is imperative to continue to upgrade networks and replace computers that have become obsolete even though they have been reliable up until this point.

Though it has been so successful in providing a stable work environment for users up until a little over a year ago, without security support from Microsoft, it will become an ever increasing liability for compatibility, viruses, and hackers. With every day that passes the potential to discover security holes inside of Windows XP rises. If found, they will make XP more and more vulnerable to attack as they will never be walled off officially by Microsoft. Not only will this affect the individual computer but it has potential to cause issues across the network as well.

Parts of this article appeared in the July 2015 Newsletter and were authored by Michael Houlihan, Ortho2 Network Engineer. 

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