Your Patient Appreciation Party

by Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca

dr-gorczyca--webSummer is a great time for a patient appreciation party. Whether in a park, at the movies, or skating at the neighborhood roller rink, your patient appreciation party will be community news and great PR for your orthodontic practice year-round.

For the broadest reach possible, begin your marketing of your patient appreciation event months in advance. Flyers can be distributed to your patients at their appointments. Postcards can be sent to referring offices and local businesses. Email invitations can be sent as well as text message reminders. A personal phone call recorded by the doctor can even go to every patient in your database using a system such as Edge Reminders. An invitation with a gift can also be given to the local press.

Encourage your current patients, family, and friends to bring guests. Your party will be a great opportunity for the orthodontist and team members to mingle with and get to know your local community. Many of those you meet at your patient appreciation party will become future patients of your practice.

For easy future access of your office name and phone number, distribute a cute favor at the party exit. This favor could be as simple as a customized lip balm, refrigerator magnet, or key ring. This trinket will become useful when it comes time to pick up the phone and schedule a new orthodontic consultation.

Last but not least, have fun! Events such as these are the reason why we became orthodontists and entered the orthodontic profession. Your patient appreciation party is just one of the many reasons your patients love you and your orthodontic office. Show your patients how much you appreciate them by giving them this special thank you.


Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca is author of the book It All Starts With Marketing: 201 Marketing Tips for Growing a Dental Practice. She is a board-certified orthodontist. Her practice is in Antioch, California. Her book is available on Amazon.  

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